Cabrera’s Wife Dismisses Divorce

Detroit Tigers player Miguel Cabrera got hit twice. Once when his wife filed for divorce and again, just five months later, when his mistress took him to court for child support. There’s some good news for the baseball star: His wife has changed her mind.

Court records from Miami-Dade County Civil, Family and Probate Court show that Cabrera’s wife filed for divorce on March 20. A hearing was to take place approximately two weeks ago but did not. Records show that the case is no longer pending.

As the couple were going through their divorce proceedings, Cabrera’s ex-mistress took him to court for more child support. The woman claims that she had no option but to take him to court as talking went nowhere. The woman filed a case against the slugger on August 7. In the paternity suit filing, the woman claims that Cabrera isn’t paying enough child support to the pair’s two children.

It is unknown whether the wife knew about the mistress, but friends say that the woman and Cabrera dated for five years. He is now paying at least $12,000 a month in child support, an amount the woman says is not enough. He also helped her buy a $1 million home in Orlando. It isn’t enough, she says, to raise the children in the lifestyle they have become accustomed to.

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