Florida Man Kills Infant After Wife Threatens Divorce

Earlier this month, a man in Florida called his wife at work, claiming to have taken the life of the couple’s 17-month-old daughter. According to an arrest affidavit, the man killed the child because the woman was planning on divorcing him.

The woman notified police of the phone call immediately, and the police responded to the couple’s home. They located the child after busting the door to the home down. Police report that the infant had passed away from an apparent drowning incident.

The man in question had already turned himself in at a substation in Sumter County. Lake County detectives arrived at the substation to question the man. According to deputies, the man said that he had tried to take his own life but failed, and that he has now ruined his life. Deputies charged the man with first-degree murder. He was being held in custody without bail.

Thankfully stories such as these are rare. While divorce is often stressful, most do not turn to crime as a way to cope or even “get back” at their partner. Sadly, in this situation, a man made a fateful decision that cannot be taken back.

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