Study: Why Women Are More Likely to Initiate a Divorce

Statistics have shown that women are more likely than men to initiate a divorce. Men may be more likely to initiate a breakup or separation, but it’s the woman in the relationship who tends to make the decision to formally end things. Women give many reasons for wanting a divorce, but there are five that are given most often.

1. Being Taken for Granted

Women who feel like they are responsible for making the relationship work may be more likely to leave it. It can be frustrating feeling as though you are the only person interested in keeping the relationship alive and, at some point, a woman may feel as though her efforts aren’t really worth it. When a person feels as though they are being taken for granted, they may choose to move on.

2. The Same Arguments

Another reason women cite for leaving a relationship is having the same arguments about the same issues over and over again. If needs continue to go unmet despite conversation, a woman may walk. When a partner tries to impact change in a relationship, it’s a good idea to listen up. If someone is telling you that something is wrong and you have the power to change or fix it, take the time to do so.

3. No Emotional Connection

Some people may be lucky enough to love their spouses for the rest of their lives but, for others, that emotional connection fades over time. When a person no longer feels emotionally connected to their partner, especially a woman, they may determine that the relationship is no longer viable.

4. Outgrowing a Partner

Another reason women give for leaving their marriage is that they’ve outgrown their partner. When a person changes and evolves, as people do, and they no longer feel as though they are in the same place as their partner, problems arise. This is why therapists suggest learning new skills or participating in new activities together. Doing these simple things can help a couple grow together instead of apart.

5. Putting Themselves First

For some women, especially those with children, there begins to be a sense of losing one’s self. A woman may feel as though she gives her all to her partner and her children and has nothing left for herself. If this starts to happen, the woman may begin to feel resentful and decide that the marriage isn’t working.

There are as many different reasons for divorce as there are divorces, but these are some of the most often given by women. If you need assistance with a divorce in Orlando, reach out to our office. We will review your case and advise you of your legal options at this point in your life. Call today to schedule a consultation.