How to Support Your Adult Child During Their Divorce

When you become a parent, you have the desire to protect your child. This natural instinct doesn’t stop when your child becomes an adult. When your adult child is going through something as stressful as a divorce, you may be left wondering what you can possibly do to help them. There are some issues in a divorce that are out of everyone’s control, but there are certainly ways that you can help.

1. Support Your Child

Experts have said that going through a divorce is much like experiencing the death of a loved one. People who go through a divorce move through a grieving process that can be difficult to navigate. When your child is going through a divorce, be mindful of the emotions they may be experiencing. Forgive broken plans and outbursts.

If you believe that your child is experiencing more emotional turmoil than you can assist them with, suggest that they seek professional help. You can go so far as to find local therapists and help your child make an appointment. No matter how you feel about your child’s soon-to-be ex, remember that your child comes first. Your feelings should be shared with another friend or family member instead of your child.

2. Step Up When Young Children Are Involved

If you are a grandparent, now is a great time to step up. Your child may need help with childcare or they may just need a bit of space. Time away from the children may be exactly what your own child needs. Offer to take the grandchildren for the day, even if all your child wants to do is lay on the couch.

3. Keep Your Feelings to Yourself

Anger is a typical emotion in divorce. If you or your child is feeling angry, be sure that those negative emotions don’t trickle down to your grandchildren. Do not encourage estrangement from their other parent.Your grandchildren still have two parents they love. Encourage your grandchildren to continue to speak with their other parent (unless there was abuse or some other major issue involved), and make sure your child is not taking out their anger against their almost-ex by speaking badly in front of the little ones.

4. Financial Assistance

Money can be a touchy subject. If you are in a position to offer financial assistance to your child, do so carefully. Offer help, but don’t do so in a manner that makes your child feel less or unable to take care of themselves. Don’t push money on to your child if they tell you it’s not needed.

Divorce can be as hard for extended families as it is for the separating couple. If your adult child is going through a divorce, the most effective thing you can do is to simply offer your support in any way they need.

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About the Author
Andrew Nickolaou, Esq., B.C.S., is a founding partner at Bernal-Mora & Nickolaou, P.A. He practices almost exclusively in divorce, marital and family law. Andrew and his partner, Ophelia Bernal-Mora, Esq., B.C.S., joined forces in March 2016 to form the unique and boutique husband and wife family law team at Bernal-Mora & Nickolaou, P.A. Together, Andrew and Ophelia take a practical and team-based approach to all of their cases and clients to deliver the highest quality experience and representation.